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De-Zov-All - Citrus Solvent - 1 Gal.


  • Biodegradable
  • Use as a spotter, booster, or degreaser.
  • pH: 6.0–7.0.
  • Citrus fragrance.
  • Variable dilutions.


De-Zov-All is a powerful citrus-based gel spotter that instantly removes the worst greasy, oily messes from carpet and upholstery. This citrus solvent is a great all-purpose degreaser, plus it can be added to your ordinary pre-spray to boost its oil-fighting ability.


Powerful Citrus Spotter
De-Zov-All contains a unique blend of citrus solvents that go to work immediately breaking the toughest oily binders, allowing spots and stains to release freely. It works wonders against ink, tar, asphalt, gum, wax, grease, soap scum, adhesive residue, mascara/makeup, scuff marks, and more!

De‑Zov‑All - Citrus Solvent - 1 Gal.

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