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Repairs / Parts

  • We provide repair services for commercial and residential cleaning equipment, including van and truck mounts.

       *** Please read Terms & Conditions.

  • Additionally, we stock and sell new and used

       cleaning equipment parts + vacuum bags, belts, & parts.

We can repair all propane equipment and vacuum cleaners.  

We have parts for all types of auto scrubbers from 18" to 26".

We also have parts for electric high-speed buffers and 

slow speed electric scrubbers (also known as side-by-side) from 13" to 21".


A few of the brands we carry parts for, and are experienced with repairing are:

  • Advance Product

  • NSS

  • Pioneer

  • Pullman Holt

  • Hawk

  • Castex

  • Windsor

*If you have cleaning equipment you would like to SELL,

we also BUY used equipment. Contact us for more information.

 Visit our NEW & USED EQUIPMENT page to see

what we currently have AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE.




Assessment fee covers our assessment service of your equipment. Once we have completed the assessment, we will contact you and provide the complete assessment results and cost of repairs needed. You will have seven (7) days to accept or refuse the assessment results/repair service offer. If you refuse service offer, you must pick up your equipment and will be responsible for the $25 assessment service fee. If you agree for Precise Janitorial Supplies & Services to do the repair work needed for your equipment, the assessment fee will be applied towards the total cost of the repair. Once we have notified you the repair is complete, you will have thirty (30) days from the date of completion to pay your balance in full and pick up your equipment. If after the thirty (30) day period your balance remains unpaid, you may contact us to extend the hold time we keep the equipment for no more than an additional thirty (30) days, with an equipment storage charge of $2.00 per day. If after the allowable sixty (60) day period your balance remains unpaid, we reserve the right to hold your equipment and consider the equipment abandoned. 





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