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Precise Janitorial has professional equipment available to rent at affordable prices.

We offer a wide range of carpet cleaners, scrubbers, and propane powered buffers.

Please call us to confirm availability. New arrivals and specific equipment may not always be listed or available.

*PLEASE NOTE: Pads, brushes, machine products/chemicals are sold separately & NOT included in rental pricing. 


ONE FULL DAY of rental is a 24-HOUR TIME PERIOD. You must return the equipment by the end of this 24-hr time period. We allow an additional 2-hour time period (if needed) after the 24-hour time has elapsed for return of the equipment, plus a $10 LATE FEE. If you do not return the equipment the day it is due, or within the 2-hour additional time period, you will be charged the full rental amount for every day you have it after the due date. The renter is also liable for any damage to the equipment and/or accessories. The renter MUST clean out the equipment in full before returning it. A $30 CLEAN-UP FEE will be charged if you do not do so. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair upon its return, you will be charged the full sale price of the equipment. If you do not return the equipment at all, you will be charged the full sale price for the equipment. IF any of the accessories that were included with the equipment rental are not returned with the equipment (or not returned at the same time), you will be charged the full sale price of the equipment ...OR a late fee of $25 per day for each accessory until it is returned. 

*Rental equipment must be paid IN FULL, rental agreement must be signed, and a photocopy of your ID/Driver’s license must be made before you are allowed to leave with the rental equipment. 


                              AUTO SCRUBBER:                       $100

                              SIDE BY SIDE:                             $ 25

                              ELECTRIC HIGH SPEED BUFFER:    $ 25

                              PROPANE BUFFER:                      $100

                              CARPET MACHINE:                      $ 35

                              WET & DRY VAC:                          $ 30

                              AIR MOVERS:                              $ 10


                                    *Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Available to rent:

  • Auto scrubbers from 18" to 26"

  • Electric Hi-speed buffers - our most popular size is 20".

  • Slow speed electric scrubbers (also known as side-by-side) from 13" to 21".

  • Carpet cleaners - box-extractors with wands.

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