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Milban 1‐2‐3 Water Damage Restoration Sanitizer - 1 GAL


  • Economical ‐ high concentration; dilutes 1:64.
  • Deodorizes as it disinfects.
  • Specific label instructions for restoration.
  • Broad spectrum kill.


This product is formulated specifically for use in water damage restoration and for sanitizing carpet against odor‐ causing bacteria.   It is virucidal, fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and their odors. This product is suitable for treating carpet, carpet padding, sub‐floors, drywall, trim and frame lumber, tackless strip, and paneling. This powerful disinfectant also is suitable for use in Category 3 sewer backups and river flooding to treat salvageable materials, as well as to decontaminate equipment and tools.  

EPA approved instructions for these applications.

Milban 1-2-3 Water Damage Restoration Sanitizer-GAL.

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