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Strongman Low Density 38x58 Black Can Liner  

60 gal. 1.5 mil. EQ - 100/CASE


Strongman Can Liners are made with reprocessed polyethylene resins. This results in a heavy gauge can liner that is suitable for tough trash applications.

Strongman Can Liners have a star seal bottom. Folding over multiple layers of the bag and sealing without gussets in a single spot creates this seal. Also known as “x-seal”, the most common seal found today is virtually leak-proof, and can hold very heavy or wet trash while helping to distribute weight. The design also allows an easy fit in trashcans of all shapes and sizes.


Item #SM385815 

STRONGMAN 38x58 Black - 60 gal. 1.5 mil. EQ - 100/CASE

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